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You can make a difference by clicking following click to donate sites everyday. You click and sponsors pay !!

I update following click to donate sites regularly. We don't have any dead links unlike most of the other websites.

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Fight Against Poverty Health, Education, etc... Protect Our Planet  Animal Rescue

Donate 1 kg food to Brasil

Feed the worlds hungry

Give food

Give clean water

Give vitamins

Sponsor children

Feed the poor

Help a village feed itself

Help needy children

Build a house for homeless

Support children

Feed Polish children (click "kliknij!")

Provide clean water

Feed Indian children

Feed children in Argentina (click "dona comida Gratis" )

Donate bread (click the bread)

End homelessness

Fight poverty (write 4 letters to the box and click gratis doneren)

Feed Africa  (click the cup)

Donate rice (play to give)New subjects

Donate water (play to give)

Give $1 to

Support diabetes reserch New

Provide free mammograms

Fund autism therapy

Impact kids cancer

Fund child healthcare

Greater Good New

Many causes Pick your cause and click ''Donacion por click''

Support cancer patients

Stop child abuse

Give free books to children

Support education Click Chest

2 days access to education

Support disaster victims

Finance $100 loan for a day

Earthquake relief View is enough

Prevent suicide Click ''click''

Stop breast cancer

Support education

Stop violence against women

Japanese charity  (1. Blind people 2. Child Education 3. Medical Care)

Support education ( to view is enough )

Polish charity (click the heart)

Health care for Asian children  (click baby pictures)

Support education ( click "JWORD" button on the left )

Support US charities (click "CLICK FOR CHARITY" below)

Donate mammograms ( Click to the pink button on the left: Campanha da Mamografia DIGITAL GRATUITA. Ajude com seu Clique)

Fight cancer

Mexican children's hospital (click "Click Here Daily" on the left )

Several causes (play to give)

Games that give (play to give)

Charitii (play to give)

Many causes (play to give)

Donate vaccine (play to give)

Goodsearch (search to donate)


Preserve endangered land

Save Mexican rain forest

Reduce pollution

Protect Environment

Reduce greenhouse effect New

Protect environment

Protect U.S wilderness

Support forests

Plant trees

Protect rainforests

Save rainforest

Stop global warming

Protect our oceans

Protect forests (click "STOP -hier klicken-" )

Plant trees

Japanese charity  (click pictures at the middle)

Protect forests




Support animals

Fight animal cruelty

Save cats Pick your cat and click 5 times at the next page

Support dogs

Animal care

Support cats

Donate dog food

Help animals in shelters

Donate dog food

Feed a big cat

Save endangered species

Donate dog food (Trivia)

Donate cat food (Trivia)

Save big cat habitat

Protect wildlife

Animal Rescue

Save baby seals

Support primates

Protect wolves



Special Thanks to LadySeastar.. Last update: 04.05.2013

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If you find any dead links or if you know any other click to donate program which is not listed above please contact with me.

The following banners are not click to donate sites. They are banners of UN World food program. Free rice is their play to donate.

Thank you for your support. Keep clicking :)

Help end child hunger


Fight World Hunger


Share food, change lives